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Scapegoating Pictures for Budapest


The SCAPEGOATING PICTURES illustrate the nervous system, the state and fears of today’s multi-cultural, multi-religious, and technologically advanced society. It is all about religious and social conflicts; about fundamentalism and the threat of terrorism. In an expansive panopticon, young people with different cultural and social backgrounds – such as veiled women – take the stage among threatening, bomb-shaped gas cylinders, arranged kaleidoscopically like geometric forms. And time and again, the artists themselves appear as quiet admonishers. The bomb cartridges, which appear in nearly every picture in the series, symbolize the explosive mechanisms of our culture of finger-pointing: Who is the scapegoat today?

Curator: Walter Smerling
Artists: Gilbert Prousch, George Passmore
Available: July 8, 2017 - September 24, 2017